7 Tips To Improve Your PPC Performance Today

7 Tips To Improve Your PPC Performance Today

Whether you are planning to start PPC to market your business or have already set up the campaign, read our guide to improve PPC performance. For the digital marketing professional, PPC is the most effective marketing strategy. But due to the changing behavior of customers and other factors, your campaign needs regular analysis and updates.

What Are PPC And Its Types?

PPC is the abbreviation of Pay-per-click. Which is a form of paid online search engine marketing. There are several such marketing strategies however PPC is the most effective one. Or we can say it is the model with the help of which you can put ads on an advertising platform and pay the host each time your ads are clicked. Some of the advertising platforms are google, bing, Microsoft, Facebook, Instagram, adroll, etc. However, search engines are more beneficial and popular because they allow advertising of what the users are searching for. This is a way to buy visits to your site organically. To know more about Digital marketing, you need to enroll yourself in the digital marketing course in vadodara.

The various types of PPC ads are:

Search engine ads – These are the most popular ads. They usually appear on the search engine result page.

Display ads – Display ads are cheaper compared to search engine ads. They usually appear while browsing the internet.

Remarketing ads – ads shown to those who previously visited your site.

Shopping ads – display product images and details to the customers.

Gmail sponsored ads – ads that appear on Gmail.

Benefits of PPC

In this strategy, the advertiser only has to pay when people interact with their ad through impressions or clicks. So it is more beneficial as compared to other marketing strategy.

  1. It is cost-effective because it depends on you how much you want to spend and you don’t have to pay more unless your ad is clicked.
  2. These type of paid ads produce quick results and saves a lot of time and effort.
  3. You are allowed to target your own audience by bidding on the target keyword only.
  4. There are several ranking factors and google algorithm changes. The algorithm changes have very less impact on PPC.
  5. Even if your site has a low domain rating you can still rank easily with the help of PPC.

7 Tips To Improve Your PPC Performance

Whichever marketing strategy you apply you have to do it in the correct way to get the best result from it and meet the business goals. Even if you are doing PPC there are a few things you can execute to improve the PPC performance.

Account and Campaign Structure

The first thing you should focus on while doing PPC is to build a strong account and campaign structure. We suggest you create only a few campaigns focused on each product, location, device, and network. Grouping of products for each campaign will reduce your cost. Be aware of which location and audience you are targeting. This will help you from wasting your budget on the wrong location.

Focus and Expand High-performance Keyword List

Now focus on which keywords are performing better. You might have different criteria to measure the performance but CTR and conversion rate are two common factors. Whichever keyword is performing best you can use a tiered bidding strategy for that one. You can also try to expand the keyword list by adding adjectives or adverbs to long-tail keywords.

Negative Keyword List

Keywords play a vital role in any PPC campaign. It is really difficult to understand the exact search intent. Therefore it is better to list down keywords that give different results. You can use different tools such as QueryStream for this. This will helps to avoid the cost and improve the outcome.

Identify and Pause Poor Performing Keywords

As we said your PPC campaign’s use of keywords is crucial. You need to review your keywords from time to time. The keyword might not be performing because either the match type is too restrictive or too broad. Another reason might be low search volume or the bid is not high enough. Know the reason and act accordingly. If necessary use those which are not performing well. This will also help to reduce the expanse and improve the performance.

Conversion Tracking

In digital marketing, most things are measurable and accountable. Keep regular track of your PPC campaign and conversion rate. If you are not getting enough conversion rates, it is worthless to spend such a huge amount of money. Therefore, set the conversion goals for the campaign and analyze them on regular basis.

Audience Data

You should know that you are targeting the right customer who is likely to convert with you. Nowadays, it has become complicated to exactly figure out the intent and preferences of users because of the multiple channels. However, at the same time, we are blessed with advanced technology such as big data, data analysis, and machine learning. This will helps you to get the target audience and improve the performance of the PPC campaign. You can also create and use the Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSAs). Customer reviews or ratings can also be used in campaigns to boost performance.

Updating Your Landing Page

The landing page is what the user will see when they click on the ads. You should have well designed and optimized landing page to engage visitors and reduce the bounce rate. Regularly check the performance of your landing page.


Once you have successfully set up the PPC campaign you need to analyze, test its performance and optimize it on regular basis to get the best output from it. We have explained some of the best ways you can utilize to enhance the performance of your PPC campaign.

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