Boost Your Invisalign Results with These Top 6 Hacks

Modern-day patients are running after Invisalign treatment and for good reasons. The treatment seems to be the best solution ever, especially for those willing to realign their misaligned teeth. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign aligners get you much more effective results. The best part? Being made of transparent plastic, they are aesthetically not disturbing. People will not notice anything if you have them on your teeth.

Being clear aligners, they are virtually invisible without attracting people’s eyes. There is no hassle of dealing with unattractive brackets, bars or frequent wire tightening.

In this blog post, let us walk you through the top tips on how to get the most effective results from the treatment.

Keep track of your Invisalign schedule

With traditional braces, you have to deal with regular visits to the dentist for adjustments. This is not the case when you opt for Invisalign. Here you will be given a few trays that you may need to change every two weeks.

You have two options: a) either take the trays along with you or b) you can visit your dentist to have the trays changed.

For the treatment to offer desired results, you will need to stick to your dentist’s advice no matter what. Otherwise, it will delay your results, or make them ineffective.

Wear them longer for best results

The best thing people love about Invisalign is that they are easy to take out and invisible on teeth. When you have this flexibility, which traditional braces would not offer, you will naturally be drawn to Invisalign treatment.

This does not mean that you can take them out as long as you wish. To get quicker results, make sure you wear them for 22 to 24 hours every day. Thus, you will be able to get the maximum results out of the treatment.

When you are eating, brushing, or flossing, take them out and wear them back as soon as you are done.

The longer you take the aligners off of your teeth, the more time it will take for results to be effective. The best thing about them is that they are invisible, meaning you do not have to deal with any sort of embarrassment while talking in front of people.

Eating with aligners is a big NO

There are certain restrictions with Invisalign aligners. If you are to see results quicker, you ought to follow what your orthodontist has to say. Every good thing in the world has its own restrictions and you need to make certain sacrifices to get to the top of it.

Once you get the aligners from your dentist, you will be asked not to eat with aligners. Why? This is because the aligners are made of transparent plastic-like material. Hard food can cause significant damage to the trays. When you choose to eat with Invisalign on your teeth, chances are high that it could also lead to unwanted stains on the trays.

Your teeth are important

Maintaining good dental hygiene with aligners is even more important than without them. As you can easily remove the aligners from the mouth, brushing and flossing your teeth becomes easier. You do not have to live with unwanted plaque and bacteria beneath your teeth. Once you are done brushing your teeth, you are free to put them back on.

Orthodontists believe that maintaining good dental hygiene should be a patient’s utmost priority. Why? This is because the Invisalign London trays are prone to hold onto bacteria, encouraging numerous dental problems to occur over time.

Keep your aligners clean

Dental hygiene is not the only thing you should be concerned about. It is in your best interest to ensure that you keep your trays clean at all times. If you do not practice cleaning your trays regularly, stains are bound to follow and they could even get stuck. As a result, your trays will become less transparent and more visible on your teeth – something you would not appreciate much.

As long as you are consistent and take care of your aligners, you are good. All you should do is avoid using extremely hot water to clean your trays. While hot water may kill most of the bacteria, the chances of damage to the trays are high. Aligner trays are very thin and can get damaged after the application of hot water. If you do not want your aligners to lose their integrity, refrain from using hot water for cleaning. Thus, you will be able to enjoy the maximum benefits of Invisalign.

Make chewing exercise part of your daily routine

After putting on your new set of clear aligners, there will be a significant change in your teeth. Some patients have reported that they were unable to adjust to the new trays at first. With time, they got familiar with the routine and their teeth got ample time to make adjustments with the new aligner trays.

To accelerate this process, it is a good idea if you tried chewing exercises. Orthodontists recommend chewing as much as you can to squeeze out the most benefits. Orthodontic chewies are made to be soft, which helps your teeth to get adjusted to the aligners.

By doing this practice, you are taking great care of your gums too. Those chewies are making your gums stronger, promoting proper blood flow in the soft tissue beneath. Some patients even feel some level of pain in the first few days after the aligner application. This can be avoided by chewies easily.

To conclude

Invisalign offers patients a whole lot of benefits like a charm do. The treatment has made its mark on the industry by being recognized by many as the best invention. No matter the age and sex, getting aligners to straighten teeth is no more a headache.

At Chatfield Dental Braces, we ask you to use our dentists’ expertise and unmatched skills to get your teeth straightened with cost effective Invisalign in London. We offer our patients the most lucrative deals and perks like no other. Feel free to contact us.

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