6 Courtyard Design Styles to Pick For Your Home

6 Courtyard Design Styles to Pick For Your Home

Want to add a touch of uniqueness to your home? Adding a courtyard to your home is an option for those looking forward to more open spaces. The reason why courtyards do not compromise the safety of living is that they are enclosed on all sides by plants, fences, or walls. The excitement of adding an open space is primarily because a courtyard lets natural light in and creates opportunities for lots of green spaces.

If you are planning to go for home renovations, adding a courtyard can become of the nicest options. However, stay aware of the dimensions of this area and create a comfortable lifestyle if you are an outdoor person. Consider the design aspects carefully when refurbishing your home and create amazing ideas for flooring, landscaping and walls. When adding a courtyard to your house, do not step back due to budgetary concerns. Surprisingly, it will not add to your cost significantly. The only reason you will need to pay is for the wall and establishing a connection between the hallway and the courtyard.  Here are some unique styles of courtyard designs to pick from.

  1. Italian-style courtyard
  2. The Italian-style courtyard is an emblem of classicism and exudes warmth. It is not just for getting a view of the garden and the landscape, but the aim is to provide a place where you can think and be solo and enjoy everything around you, whether the sights, sounds, or smells. You can spend more hours in the courtyard or create a fantastic dining area to spend time with your loved ones. It is easy to include the plan of a courtyard during custom home renovations Vancouver and chances are that this tranquil design will cater to the family’s need for open space.

  3. Add dramatic accents to the courtyard
  4. Are you in for some creativity and fun with custom home renovations Vancouver?  Well, you will miss this sparkling open space if you fail to research the dramatic accents. Have fun with your friends and family here, where some of you can sit while others may enjoy the outdoor water body. Check with home renovation companies Vancouver BC if you welcome new design ideas and leave the rest to the experts. Choose materials and colours to genuinely transform the outdoors for creative experimentation.

  5. Courtyard resembling Japanese garden
  6. You have come across those Japanese-style courtyards in so many magazines but now it’s your turn to create a similar structure in the outdoor area of your home. Create a perfectly natural ambience inspired by the nature and keep the outside area separate from the other natural elements in the surroundings. You can plant seasonal trees to brighten and lighten up the space. If you love a minimalistic approach, this one could be your take. But you can also make it denser and more engaging to attract guests.

  7. Small courtyards for small spaces
  8. Well, you might think that adding a courtyard is a thing of the past as far as small homes are concerned. So what you live in a small house, courtyards can still be a reality. When rooms inside your house eat up a major chunk of space, you need to create a courtyard to bring the outdoors in. Already surprised? Add a piece of the beautiful courtyard and boost the aesthetics of the interiors.

  9. Feel inspired by a Persian-style courtyard
  10. Need a courtyard reflecting balance and symmetry? You can easily have them and design the plantation based on similar principles. Add to it a water body to divide spaces. If you want to bend two courtyard styles into one, talk to the renovation experts about it and you are good to go.

  11. Deck or rock
  12. Create a rocky courtyard design for an architectural effect and create a beautiful open space reflecting a contemporary lifestyle. Alternatively, you can deck it based on the usage. Decking creates defined seating arrangements and makes the whole space look more attractive.

How to add a courtyard to the renovation?

One of the primary concerns when adding a courtyard during home renovations is how to include the views. If you want to get an attractive view of this open space from inside the home, try to change the specifications of your window home. Another unique aspect of this area is its wall. You can recreate and alter it without making the area claustrophobic. If you want to add more protection and use the courtyard during the winter, as well, add a pergola, canopy, or retractable awning for a temporary roof.

A courtyard is one of the most creative spaces you may add during home renovations. Why don’t you consult with Roadhouse Homes to create blazing courtyard styles based on the dimensions and usage of the space? They will help you make the best choice.

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