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Have you ever wondered how miraculous a coffee bean is? We often feel the urge to have a caffeine refill for energy uplift, at the start, mid, or often at the end of the day to recharge the energy level. Most of us have heard of and seen brown coffee beans that are sold, both in powdered and bean form in the market packed in nice custom coffee boxes. Today, we will be discussing brown coffee beans against green coffee beans, their characteristics, and their benefits.



Coffee beans have associated roots from the coffee plant, named coffea. The Coffea plant is native to the African tropical region bearing two distinct species of coffee namely, arabica and robusta.


Types of Coffee Beans


Brown Coffee Beans:

Drinking coffee is an experience to cherish. Making the experience ever-lasting depends on picking up the right choice of coffee beans. Brown coffee beans, in their most original and traditional form around the globe, serve some nutritional benefits other than acting as a headache reliever. Brown coffee beans are roasted beans with a more robust and intense bold flavor.


Brown coffee beans in their originality offer several benefits for health apart from serving the basic purpose of boosting energy and mood. Following are the other benefits that it offers:


Antioxidant properties

The natural antioxidant properties of brown coffee beans provide great protection against several heart diseases, the risk of diabetes, and cancer-causing cells


Increased Brain Performance

The most important and powerful ingredient of coffee is caffeine. Caffeine contains strong properties to improve overall brain activity, response to time, and memory retention span. Brown coffee, that is, roasted coffee contains an intense flavor that enhances caffeine, further enhancing the purpose.


A veil against Liver Diseases

Brown coffee beans are also known to help against various liver diseases that may occur. The anti-inflammatory properties of coffee protect the liver from inflammation and prevent further damage. However, coffee must never be used as a substitute for the medicines that are recommended by the health care provider.


Green Coffee Beans:

The raw, unroasted seeds of the coffee plant are called green coffee beans. In contrast to brown coffee beans, green coffee beans are slightly less aromatic and mild in flavor.



Just as Brown coffee beans, Green coffee beans, in their essence, bear the following health benefits:


Type 2 Diabetes

Green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid that helps against insulin sensitivity of the body and controls sugar, reducing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.


Controlled Blood Pressure

The extract of green coffee is known to cure hypertension further reducing the risk of high blood pressure and people suffering from such.


Remedy for weight loss

In contrast to brown coffee beans, green coffee beans in their specificity are known to be used for weight loss in people suffering from obesity. The magic element in green coffee beans that serves the purpose is the chlorogenic acid that aims to absorb the fats and carbohydrates from the body, enhancing the metabolic process of the body.


Although coffee serves several benefits and its effects may vary from person to person depending on different ages, health status, and body weight, it is always recommended to use coffee in a balanced amount as too much consumption may cause health problems like:



Coffee has diuretic properties, giving rise to increased urine output that causes dehydration if consumed in high amounts.


Digestion problems

Too much caffeine may cause damage to the process of digestion, giving rise to ulcers, acidity, and heartburn, causing discomfort that may continue for a lifetime if a balanced consumption is not ensured.


Increased heart rate

Caffeine has a very intense nature that can cause heart problems including increased heart rate, palpitation, and other cardiovascular discomforts, especially in people who are already suffering from heart diseases.



Caffeine is also known to stimulate anxiety and a state of restlessness when consumed in high amounts. Having persistent heart issues, and becoming prone to anxiety is very common even with a mild stimulus.



Caffeine increases brain activity thus allowing more time for the brain to stay active, and continue the activity. People often consume coffee in times of increased workload to stay active and awake. However, increased consumption may lead to insomnia and addiction.


The consumption of coffee beans varies widely from culture to culture. European culture has long been seen to use roasted coffee beans as a staple of their tradition than green coffee beans. In the United States, roasted coffee is a long-run culture, however, most people in the US are observed roasting their green coffee beans at home. On the other hand, the middle eastern region, particularly UAE, is most commonly observed as being fond of green coffee beans, boiled and flavored with cardamom. Moreover, Ethiopia and southeast Asian continents are observed using both types of coffee for consumption.

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