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How Do You Go About Pressure Washing Your Home?

Are you looking for a simple yet effective way to beat away the mud and stains accumulated in your driveway, or maybe truck tires? A pressure washer is going to make the job easier for you. It is designed to spray fully pressurized water (mixed with an effective cleaning solution) at the affected area. No doubt, a fully functional pressure washer is that one good tool to keep your house’s exterior in tip-top shape.

Now you get your hands on a brand new pressure washer. But how much do you know about handling it? You must use a pressure washer safely while knocking out every last bit of dirt from your house’s interior and exterior.

Below we shed light on the ways you can effectively deal with a pressure washer when it comes to patio cleaning in London, for example.

Investing in the right tool is a must

You want the right pressure washer for your house cleaning job. They often come in two different models including gas or electric. Gas pressure washers are designed to deliver 2,000 to 2,800 PSI, whereas electric models can put out 1,300 to 1,700 PSI on average.

Therefore, gas washers are preferred as they are more powerful and are able to clean 10 times faster than their electric counterparts. However, gas-backed pressured washers are much noisier and need more care while handling, unlike electric pressure washers.

When it comes to choosing a pressure washer, PSI is not the only thing you want to consider. The water flow in GPM is also an important metric that you want to consider. For instance, a pressure washer with 1,700 PSI, and 5 GPM can do a better job of cleaning than one with 4 GPM and 2,000 PSI.

You may also want to go for a washer that dispenses cleaning solutions along with normal water. If you want to prevent mould buildup on the concrete of your house, a little bit of chlorine can do the trick.

Your home lost that lustre and you want to restore it. It is time to carefully consider the perks of conducting the job of persian rug cleaning in London. Below we shed light on some things you want to keep in mind about pressure washing:

Be safe no matter what

Pressure washers are designed to be very powerful but they can be dangerous too if you are not careful. Make sure you always wear goggles, boots, long sleeves, gloves, and ear protection to avoid any physical damage.

Before turning the pressure washer on, there should be no one around. Take the machine in a solid grip using your hands. This is especially important when you are about to make any sudden movements. If you are not careful enough the machine can damage the home windows, doors, screens, and overhand.

Proper preparation is necessary

Ensuring adequate water supply is of utmost importance. If you do not do so, the machine would not be able to live up to its full potential.

The inlet filter of your pressure washer should also be looked upon. Make sure you have a keen look at any hoses or accessories to ensure they are securely connected. Get rid of debris and any items that could get in your way.

Your Plants Are Important Too

After getting hit with pressurized chlorine, your backyard garden is not going to look picture-perfect. With that said, it pays to watch out for the areas you spray on. Moreover, you want to water your plants before, during, and after the cleaning.

Fix Your Broken Bricks

Are you considering jet washing your bricks? Before you begin your cleaning with the pressure washer, make sure surveying of the entire area and note information regarding any cracks in the mortar. Prior to indulging yourself in the washing process, you want to repair these spots. After that, the best course of your action would be to let them cure for a minimum of a week.

Keep A Safe Distance

A high-pressure shock of water from the washer can feel very intense. This means you want to go easy with the machine. Make sure you do the washing gently and carefully. Keeping a safe, 10 feet distance would help you do the trick. You shall move in a little closer until your machine puts enough pressure to loosen and take out grime.

Use the Right Nozzle

A pressure washer comes with different nozzle tips, and for good reasons. They are meant to handle specific jobs. A wide nozzle, for example, which is around 40 degrees is ideal for regular washing. It is something you can use on wood decks or the siding of your house.

A narrower, 25 degrees nozzle is enough to deal with the grime on solid concrete and brick. On the other hand, a nozzle with 15 degrees or fewer dispenses tremendously high pressure. You would not want to use it to get rid of stains on metal items.

For the material and stain you want to remove, it is best to use the lowest degree of a nozzle to ensure the highest returns. You should go easy with the cleaning solution. Apply it from the ground up, followed by a quick rinse from the top down. While doing so, make sure you do not let the cleaning solution dry quickly.

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Make Modifications to the Spray Angle

If you are thinking about how to make the most of your washer, you are in luck! You can do so by keeping the nozzle perpendicular to the actual cleaning surface. If you are dealing with a difficult-to-access area, consider buying a nozzle that easily pivots.

Know Your Limits

Stains from fertilizer, oil, acorns, and rust do not go easily and they remain forever. Nothing much you can do about it. Apart from this, when you are dealing with more complex projects, it requires more tools and expertise than you have at your disposal.

So, why risk damage to yourself or your property? You do not have the right tools and expertise, but professionals have it. Bring the help of a professional who can help you assess the situation, give you an estimation of the cost, walk you through the post-maintenance steps, and more.

Keep Your Pressure Washer in Tip-Top Condition

It is best that you place your machine indoors during the off-season. Thus, you will able to prevent damages caused by weather elements. As you do so, you will ensure your machine serves you to its fullest potential, giving you the ultimate results you want.

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