How To Add Linkedin Profile To WordPress Website

With digitalization, social media platforms play an important role in exploring business online. More than half of the population is engaging on social media platforms. Linkedin is a professional social media platform that connects millions of people from different niches.

More than 190 countries people are using LinkedIn for interconnecting. Linkedin is the best source for professionals to get jobs, business ideas, and explore new technology.

Today it is very important to embed a Linkedin feed on a WordPress website to increase visitor interaction, engagement, or user experience. The connectors are up to date with social proof and the owner gets the benefit of increasing website value and attracting more followers by embedding a LinkedIn profile. You get many features that are not given by other social media platforms. You have to just add it and see the results.

Reasons For Choosing Linkedin

Increased Engagement

The live feed of your LinkedIn profile to your website provides users a feature to read all the content directly from the website which affects increase your engagement rank. As much as user increase as much as ur engagement rises high.

Improved Credibility

Displaying a LinkedIn profile on your website increases user trust as it shows that you are active and engaged on a professional social media platform which increases the credibility of the company.

Brand Awareness

By displaying your LinkedIn activity and updates, you can increase the visibility and brand awareness among your website visitors.

Enhanced User Experience

Connecting a live LinkedIn feed on your website creates a more dynamic and interactive user experience which directly results in reducing bounce rate.

Methods To Add Linkedin To your Website

After discussing with many entrepreneurs we see that there are many difficulties faced by them to connect a LinkedIn profile to a WordPress Website. By following these simple methods you can do this in a simple way without any technical knowledge.

Manual Add Linkedin profile To WordPress

Same to the Facebook social plugin, LinkedIn also offers social plugins to add LinkedIn features to your website.

First, you have to go to the embedded LinkedIn feed on the website.
Click the sign-in button
For existing members, it automatically shows the login id in the preview.
Click on the preview to get the code button.
Profile generator shows a code snippet
Copy and paste the code snippet to all pages, posts, or sidebar widgets on your website.

Adding Linkedin Profile to WordPress By Using Plugins

You can add a LinkedIn profile to your website with the help of plugins without any manual process.

First login in WordPress.
Install the WordPress Linkedin feed
After activation, go to the setting page to configure the plugin setting
Create a Linkedin app to get the client id and the client’s secret keys
Go to a LinkedIn developer to create the create application button
Fill out the Application form with recommended information to create a new app
Click submit button and you will be redirected to the app dashboard.
Copy and paste the redirect URL displayed on the plugin’s settings page, then click the add button.
Click the Update button to change your app setting.
Further, now copy and paste the client id and secret keys on the setting page of the plugin
Click the save changes button to store your [plugin setting.
After getting WP LinkedIn you will get built-in widgets and shortcodes to add many features to your website. Just drag and drop it to a sidebar by visiting the appearance setting.

Adding LinkedIn Share And Follow Buttons

Using follow and social share buttons is another simple way to integrate this social network with WordPress. This network is a default option in many social sharing plugins


Monarch is WordPress plugins that adds social sharing buttons to your pages and posts. It also assists you in adding a follow button to your sidebar.


LinkedIn by BestWebSoft is another WordPress plugin that lets you create a share and follow button for this social network only. You can also use this to specify whether you want your button to appear before or after your content. You can also choose whether or not to display the share number.

Manually adding a share button

Edit your WordPress theme files
Navigate to the LinkedIn Share Plugin page.
The share button will automatically get the page URL.
Click the Get Code button.
Just copy and paste them to see your LinkedIn profile in action.


As we read about how to add a LinkedIn profile to a WordPress website. It is very important to join them because professional LinkedIn helps the website to rank and gain traffic. With the help of this users can see other activities by spending time on the website. By LinkedIn profile, your website credibility increases as it generates the trust of users on your website.

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