Scorch Torch Lighter | All About Its Components & Types Available

Scorch Torch Lighter | All About Its Components & Types Available

Torch lighters are now a popular choice for cigar smokers. Although a match or regular lighter may be adequate in some situations, experienced cigar connoisseurs prefer using a reliable torch lighter. These lighters are highly adjustable and wind-resistant, producing heat of up to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes them the preferred lighting source for cigar smoking, surpassing all other options available. As the scorch torch lighter has become a vital component in the toolkit of cigar enthusiasts, it is important to delve deeply into its intricacies. This article will provide an in-depth exploration of their components and the various types available. 

Torch Lighter Components

Fuel Tank

The fuel tank is where the butane gas is stored. Torch lighters are refillable, and the fuel tank can be easily accessed for refilling. Butane is a clean-burning fuel that produces no odor, making it an ideal choice for torch lighters.


This is where the flame comes out of the special blue torch. It is often made of metal or ceramic and is designed to be resistant to heat and wear. The nozzle is a critical component of the torch lighter because it controls the direction and intensity of the flame. Most nozzles have an adjustable valve that allows you to adjust the size of the flame.

Ignition System

Scorch torch lighters use an ignition system to ignite the gas and create the flame. The most common types of ignition systems are piezo ignition and electronic ignition.

  • Piezo Ignition: This ignition system uses a spring-loaded hammer to create a spark, which ignites the gas. When the trigger is pressed, the hammer strikes a crystal, producing a spark that ignites the gas.
  • Electronic Ignition: This ignition system uses a small battery and a spark generator to create a spark, which ignites the gas. When the trigger is pressed, an electric current is sent to the spark generator, which produces a spark that ignites the gas.

Flame Adjuster

The flame adjuster allows you to adjust the intensity of the flame. It is often located at the bottom of the lighter and can be turned to increase or decrease the size of the flame. The flame adjuster is a crucial component of the torch lighter because it allows you to adjust the flame to the right size for your needs.

Safety Features

Many torches have safety features to prevent accidental ignition or combustion. Some common safety features include child-resistant locks and automatic shut-off systems that turn off the light if it is not in use for a certain period.

Pressure Regulator

The pressure regulator is a component that regulates the flow of butane from the fuel tank to the nozzle. It ensures that the flame is consistent and does not flicker or go out.

Air Intake Valve

The air intake valve allows air to mix with the butane fuel, creating a stable and efficient flame. It is located at the base of the lighter and should be kept clean and free of debris for optimal performance. 

Torch Lighter Types 

There are two main types of torch lighters: single-flame and multi-flame.

Single-Flame Torch Lighters: These lighters have a single flame output and are ideal for lighting small cigars. They are also suitable for lighting cigarettes or pipes. Single-flame torch lighters are simple to use and are often small and compact, making them easy to carry around.

Multi-Flame Torch Lighters: These scorch torches have multiple flame outputs and are more suitable for lighting larger cigars or for outdoor activities such as camping or hiking. Multi-flame torch lighters produce a more powerful and concentrated flame, which is helpful in windy or wet conditions. They also often have a larger fuel capacity and longer reach, making them more versatile.

Final Words

After reading the post carefully, you will be able to buy a perfect scorch torch lighter for your needs and also efficiently use it.

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