Thinking of Selling Online? Here Are The Most Inspiring Shopify Stores

Shopify has created a space for innovative and creative entrepreneurs to share their story and build their brand, making ecommerce more accessible. Starting a business can be a challenge. We’ve all seen Shark Tank! Here are some of the most inspiring Shopify businesses of 2022.


Negative started out with an impactful goal in mind: help women feel more confident. While most mainstream underwear brands are big on push-ups and uncomfortable, lacy thongs, Negative knows women don’t need all of this to feel and look sexy. As Victoria’s Secret has continued to crumble, stores like Negative are rising up. The store’s revenue grew 150% after just a few years. This is thanks to companies like Forbes and Vogue sharing their story and goals.


This clothing brand is all about defying expectations. The seemingly simple clothing items have surprising elements like straps, buckles, and chains that make it a twist on London fashion week. The site is equally eye-catching and bold, with striking models. The brand has gone through some challenges, like the founder Philip Stephens passing away in 2020. He left his beloved brand to his two nieces, who have since made it a celebration of Stephens and his vision.


This ethical lingerie and underwear line prides itself on using eco-friendly fabrics and “making the world a better place.” Each item is made to be delicate and beautiful, created by single moms and female breadwinners who are paid “above market wages and healthcare benefits.” Naja wants to empower women both with their company and with their products.

Taylor Stitch

This company was launched on Shopify in 2010, focused on selling custom and tailored menswear. The company’s goal has always been to make sophisticated clothing affordable and accessible. Its growing community of customers are encouraged to share their stories, from weddings to bro trips to volunteering. Just three years after launch, Taylor Stitch has made $1.5 million in sales, continuing to empower men and make them feel confident.

Khara Kapas

The name of this brand translates to “pure cotton.” This Shopify store is full of clothing inspired by Indian culture as well as handmade pieces. The products are produced in India as well, handcrafted and made from “homegrown Indian fabrics.” The company wants their customers to be happy and comfortable. They sell jewelry, dresses, menswear, and more.


This Shopify store wants to empower the working woman by “upgrading the office dress code.” The way women work is always changing but workwear hasn’t evolved to support it. Argent has spent years researching women and their work lives to create a collection of comfortable and powerful pieces, from colorful blazers to structured dresses. Oh, and there’s pockets!


It’s crazy how periods are still seen as taboo when almost every woman has one. Thinx wants to change that. This company has continued to grow immensely over the years, growing 23 times since it launched in 2014 thanks to its focus on comfortable, cute period underwear. Each pair is absorbent and soft no matter the style. Thinx also has a quiz so you can better understand your flow and what pair is right for you specifically.

Wolf Circus

This Shopify store sells fine jewelry but at an accessible cost. The products are handmade in Vancouver, using a very personal process and luxury gemstones. Known for its attention to detail, Wolf Circus has become a go-to for people that want stunning jewelry at a lower price point. Wolf Circus creates “day-to-day essentials” that elevate any outfit and make you feel a lot more confident.

While these companies all vary significantly in style and product, they share one thing in common: they have a talented Shopify SEO company behind them that helps them reach more customers and impactfully share their online brand and story. Looking to start your own Shopify business? Check out Genius Ecommerce for more information on what a Shopify SEO company can do for you.

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