A List of the Top 10 Travel Promotional Items for Companies

A List of the Top 10 Travel Promotional Items for  Companies

Travel and tourism are one of the fastest-growing industries. Whether it is winter, summer, spring, or fall, people travel to different destinations throughout the year. Most people travel to come out of their comfort zone, see, and experience new things. Travelers explore the new surrounding and engage with different people around the world. So the question is being a businessman how can you take benefit from the growing tourism industry to boost the revenue of your company? Well, the answer is simple. Increasing brand exposure utilizing travel promotional products. Let’s get started from the basics.

What are Promotional Items?


Promotional products are simply the items that we use in our everyday life but are customized to promote business and brands. Promotional products are also called promotional merchandise, swag, or freebies. They are usually distributed by the companies to their customer or employee with printed logos, names, slogans, or mottos of their own brand. Promotional products are very useful to customers as well as powerful to increase brand awareness and exposure. Some of the most potent promo items are bags, drinkware, pens, t-shirts, etc. Let’s see some of the crucial benefits of promotional items.


Benefits of Promotional Merchandise

There are numerous benefits the company can take from promotional merchandise. Also, they are very useful to customers in day-to-day life. No matter whether it’s a home, office, work field or traveling, these freebies are advantageous.
● They help to boost brand awareness and revenue after all.
● Strengthen the connection of the company with employees.
● Creates loyal and long-lasting customers.
● They are cost-effective even the small business can afford easily.
● They are usually durable and provide long-term brand exposure.
● A variety of promo items benefits every industry equally.

Most convenient and Powerful Travel Promotional Items for Companies

As we stated above, the tourism sector is expanding quickly. Despite the covid-19 outbreak, roughly 1.5 million visitors traveled to different countries in 2021. Also in the years to follow, greater growth is anticipated. For all business owners, this is a huge opportunity to grab the attention and customers using different strategies. Promotional items are the most powerful tools for that. These items are reasonable, regardless of whether you run a small company or a major enterprise. Some of the most powerful as well as useful promo items every company should giveaway are described below.

Travel Bags

Whether a person goes on a long vacation or plans an excursion, the first thing s/he need is a travel backpack. It is one of the crucial items one needs while traveling. A backpack having enough space helps to organize things properly while traveling. The company can custom print the backpack with their company’s logo, name, or motto and giveaway it to their employee or customers. This will increase the number of people who see your brand. Wherever in the world, a traveler will go it will reflect your brand name.


Most people wear sunglasses while traveling. They are not just a fashion accessory but also very helpful to protect eyes from harmful UV rays. Choose some of the best sunglasses for vacation and beaches, customize them with the company’s logo, and giveaway. They will really feel appreciated and admired.


One needs to keep hydrated and healthy not only while traveling but all the time. For that, we have to drink a lot of water and other beverage. If you are thinking of giving something to your employees for vacation, give them customized drinkware. You can give them Tumblr, thermal mugs, squeezable bottles, water bottle koozies, custom slim can koozies for beer, coffee cups, etc. Giving personalized items to employees and customers doesn’t only help to boost brand awareness, it also helps to strengthen relationships with employees.

Powerbank or Phone Protection Accessories

Nowadays Mobile phone is widely used by almost everyone, It has become a part of our life. The modern generation travels with more electronic gadgets as they rely on them. To avoid major inconvenience you can gift them a power bank. Powerbank is very crucial to charge phone accessories and stay connected with family and friends while
traveling. Or you can even giveaway affordable phone protection accessories such as protective cases, pop sockets, pouches, sleeves, etc.


Travel Blanket

If your employee or customer is going on vacation, surprise them with a personalized blanket. This will be really useful to have a comfortable and peaceful sleep on holiday. They will really appreciate this generous gift from you. It will also create an emotional relationship between the company and employees or customers.


Luggage helps to save space and protect items while traveling. The internal division of luggage will helps travelers to organize each item properly. Not only that but it also looks luxurious and made traveling hassle-free. If you are looking for some premium and worthy freebies for travel. You should definitely have this on your list.


Mobile Phone Gimbal

People traveling often use mobile phones to click photographs or record video clips. Gimbal is one of the most useful mobile accessories to keep the phone steady while recording. It reduces the shakiness and shoots smoothly and cinematically. It is one of the perfect Corporate gifts a company can offer to its employee or customers.

Employee Swag Box

If you are still confused about which item to giveaway, then the employee swag box is the solution for you. You can customize the box with different personalized items. You can add whichever item you want to gift such as a company diary, pens, some snacks, cards, bottles, pouches, and so on. This will helps to enhance the brand image as well
as improve the employee retention rate.



The next item travelers frequently use is the jacket. If they are traveling during the winter season or where there is cold, they usually carry winter wearables with them. So the companies can giveaways warm clothes such as jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, etc. Wherever they visit they will reflect the company’s name. This is also one of the best-
printed freebies to promote your business.

First aid Travel Pouch


The last idea on our list is a traveler first aid pouch. This is the way to show them that you are really concerned about their health as well. Give them a customized travel pouch with first aid and travel essentials. This will not just help them but also promote your brand indirectly.


Promotional swag strengthens the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Above mentioned items are the most powerful as well as best-selling, however, you can personalize any product depending on where the person is traveling. For that, you need to know the audience and their travel needs as well. I hope our guide will help you
choose the best travel promo or giveaway for your company.

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