Top NFT Marketplaces: How would you market and sell your NFTs?

Imagine a digital artwork is at auction. The bidding starts at $100. Now guess how far the bidding can go, $2000, $4000, or $10,000? If the artwork is unique and authentic, the selling price can rise to $69.3 million. It is not just an imaginary example. It happened in real. 


Beeple sold his “Everyday: the First 5000 Days” at $69.3millon in 2021. 


While Digital artist Pak’s creation Merge fetched US$91.8 million on the NFT platform Nifty Gateway in December 2021. 


In the world NFT market, people are now buying and selling crypto-collectibles in a 250 million dollar valued market. The market capitalization of NFTs will ascend to $80 billion by 2025


 The demand for NFT development company is growing by leaps and bounds. If you already got hit by the explosion of NFT in the game world, and are willing to surf on this new wave, don’t just sit and wonder where you can buy or sell NFT. Following are the top NFT marketplaces where you can buy or sell NFT.


What are NFT Marketplaces?


NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens, which will be the most important breakthrough in blockchain since smart contracts. NFTs are unique digital assets. Because they are unique (and thus, have a “history”), NFTs can be bought, sold, and traded on blockchain-based exchanges as tokens. NFTs are not interchangeable with each other. They are not like a digital copy of a single painting– for example, a digital copy of the Mona Lisa.


An NFT marketplace is a platform that makes it easy to transact, track, and transfer virtual assets on the blockchain. It’s a platform on which users can easily create and trade their own non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Non-fungible tokens are unique tokens. That is, they are one of a kind. Their uniqueness is being tracked and kept in a decentralized way. 


The Top NFT Marketplaces to Trade NFTs


Like a metaverse development company holds myriad technological advancements to offer, NFT marketplaces hold great promises for investors and NFT traders. Following are the top NFT marketplaces investors and traders prefer these days:




Like the name, OpenSea is the greatest and the biggest platform for listing and selling NFT games. Having a crypto wallet account is all you need to open an account at OpenSea. OpenSea offers an extensive range of Non-Fungible Tokens based on artworks, trading cards, domain names, game characters, and virtual worlds, to name a few. OpenSea, one of the top NFT marketplaces, showcases over 700 projects on NFT. From CryptoPunks to virtual real estate, everything is here!




If you are looking forward to buying or selling a customized crypto asset, Rarible is the right place. This platform allows both the digital artists and the buyers to sell or buy Non-Fungible Tokens either single or in collections. This platform exceptionally focuses on exhibiting art assets. Besides minting the new NFTs to sell, at Rarible, artists can also showcase a sneak peek of all of their creations. The NFTs at Rarible range from artworks, music, games, domain, memes, metaverses, etc.




Foundation, another of the top NFT marketplaces, brings digital artists and collectors together under the same roof. Whenever an NFT gets sold at Foundation, the artist receives 10% on the secondary transaction. The artist gets another 10% of the sales value if his artwork gets resold at higher pricing.




SuperRare is an amazing marketplace for people looking for buying unique and single-edition digital artwork. Each digital collectible at SuperRare is marked and secured by Cryptography so that it can easily be trackable on the Blockchain. Buyers need Ether to make transactions here. As SuperRare provides a see-through record of the ownership of every digital collectible, a robust NFT crypto ecosystem is restored here.


Myth Market


Myth Market allows artists and buyers to dive into a series of online marketplaces for several brands and digital trading. The featured markets include GPK. Market for buying digital Garbage Pail Kids cards, Heroes. Market for buying Blockchain Heroes trading cards, Kogs. Market for selling and buying Kogs cards, etc.



Nifty Gateway


Nifty Gateway is one of the most loved NFT marketplaces. Even the newbies have heard of Nifty Gateway. It is, after all, one of the top NFT marketplaces for buying and selling limited-edition digital artworks. The platform is famous for holding million-dollar NFT sales. You can either get multiple packs of tokens or go with the credit card options. The whole process of transaction is a piece of cake here.


 Final Thoughts


These above-mentioned platforms are some of the top NFT marketplaces these days. Every NFT marketplace has something unique and novel to offer to both sellers and buyers. While Pringles prefers Rarible to sell their CryptoCrisp, the mesmerizing NFT digital house got sold at Super Rare at $500,000. This clearly shows that NFT is not going to die soon. But it is the future of the world of art and artists. Choose your NFT marketplaces according to your business needs.

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